FlareLane Secures Pre-Series A Funding of $1 Million (CEO Message)

FlareLane Secures Pre-Series A Funding of $1 Million (CEO Message)
Image by FlareLane

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that FlareLane has raised $1M in pre-series A funding led by Primer Sazze Partners. I've always wanted to greet you personally as the CEO, and I'm taking this exciting moment to share how we started FlareLane and our vision for the future.

FlareLane is one of the fastest-growing mobile and web push notifications software worldwide. For online businesses with mobile apps and websites, push notifications are one of the most efficient marketing channels to help you stay connected with your customers, send messages, and encourage more visits, all at a cost-effective and customer-centric level. However, many people still think of push notifications as something rather unimportant and tricky to learn and have yet to realize their powerful marketing potential. I was one of them, too.

Before founding FlareLane, I was the CTO of a fashion commerce app and was involved in the growth process from launch to 5 million downloads. I built the push notifications infrastructure and various automated campaigns during this time. I witnessed firsthand how push notifications alone could significantly increase revenue and MAU without adding extra features. This triggered me to start FlareLane, and let me tell you this with confidence: you can grow your service solely with high-level push notifications.

With FlareLane, you can effortlessly build an all-in-one push notification system based on industry best practices with just one line of code. With its reasonable pricing and ease of use, FlareLane is quickly gaining popularity among our clients by driving high growth rates for their businesses. We recently released a customer journey automation feature previously available to mind-blowingly expensive enterprise-level solution providers, helping companies efficiently execute CRM marketing.

Push notifications have been considered a free delivery channel that can be built by in-house development. However, this is only true when push notifications are used at a very basic level. New notification technologies are emerging every year at the OS level, such as Android and iOS, and many companies are now leveraging push notifications to provide more personalized experiences to their customers, going beyond the simple delivery of messages. In the long run, building your own push notifications service could be more efficient and has clear limitations regarding the cost and time involved in maintaining competitiveness.

Even now, fierce competition between push notifications is taking place in your users' smartphones. To gain the upper hand in the competition, we're developing various technologies that surpass existing push notifications' limitations. We want to share with you the exciting experience of growing businesses with sophisticated push notifications, and I promise you, it'll be fun.

Thank you for your ongoing support of FlareLane, and stay tuned for more thrilling updates on our journey ahead!


Kevin Kim

Founder & CEO