What Are Web Push Notifications?

What Are Web Push Notifications?
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In today's online world, it's becoming more challenging for business owners to capture user website visitors' attention and make them revisit. Web push notification is a sight for a sore eye to resolve the issue. These opt-in-based messages appear directly on a user's device, even if they're not actively browsing your website, ultimately driving them back to your site and boosting engagement.

In today's blog, we'll explore the world of web push notifications, their design, the industries used, and the difference between mobile push. Finally, we'll examine how FlareLane can help you leverage their true potential.

What Does Web Push Look Like?

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A web push notification is a short message on a user's device, even when they're not actively browsing the website that sent it. Think of it like a mini billboard reminding users about the site or delivering updates. The appearance can vary slightly depending on the browser and operating system, but generally, they follow a similar format. Here's how different elements make up a web push notification:

Character Limits: 

The amount of text you can use depends on your user's device and browser. Titles typically range from 40 to 75 characters, while descriptions can range from 50 to 225 characters.


Every notification has a small image, usually your website's logo. This icon should be square and sized at 256x256 pixels. Supported formats include PNG, JPG, and GIF (although animated GIFs only work on Firefox for Windows).

Rich Media: 

You can add a larger image alongside the icon to showcase marketing content. The ideal size is 512x256 pixels, though other sizes are acceptable. Supported formats are PNG and JPG. Keep in mind that mobile and desktop devices might crop these images differently.

Action Buttons:

If you want users to take a specific action when they see your notification, you can add buttons with customizable labels and links.

Web Push vs Mobile Push

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Web push and mobile push notifications are automated, opt-in-based marketing methods that send short messages directly to users but have distinct differences. Here’sHere's


  • Web Push: Users only need to opt in to the website. No app download is required.
  • Mobile Push: Users must install the specific app on their mobile to receive messages.

Opt-in Rate:

  • Web Push: According to a recent study, opt-in rates for web push notifications ranged from 5% to 15% of website visitors, depending on the industry. Interestingly, 60% of these sign-ups come from users mobile users.
  • Mobile Push: The percentage of Android users choosing to opt-in declined with the introduction of Android 13, dropping from 92% in 2022 to 85% in 2023. The iOS opt-in slightly increased from 55% to 58% for the same period.

Where Are Web Push Notifications Used?

Web push notifications are a versatile tool used across various industries to keep users engaged and informed. Here'sHere'sakdown of how they are in different categories:

Gaming: Web push notifications are key for welcoming new players and keeping them engaged. New users can be introduced to your game, brand, and important information through notifications, building trust. These notifications can fuel engagement for existing players by promoting sales, new content, and exciting events, ultimately motivating them to stay active within your game.

News: Web push notifications are a game-changer for news outlets, acting as a direct line to readers. They deliver breaking news alerts, informing you about important events the moment they happen. News organizations can even personalize these notifications based on your interests, ensuring you only receive updates on the stories you genuinely care about. These notifications can also include short summaries of top news articles to pique your curiosity and drive traffic to the website.

E-commerce: Web push notifications grab users' attention with real-time deals and personalized offers, leading to more clicks and sales. Plus, they're there for customers to sign up for rather than email, letting businesses reach a wider audience and recover abandoned carts.

Health & Fitness: Fitness centers are known to leverage web push to promote upcoming classes. Dieticians and health experts can utilize push notifications to deliver diet reminders, tips, and recipe ideas, establishing trust and strengthening bonds with subscribers. 

How FlareLane Can Help

FlareLane is a customer-journey-based marketing software that leverages AI-powered mobile & web push to engage users. Our platform provides marketers with pre-built templates to guide user behavior toward conversions and business growth.

Getting started is easy, especially for new businesses. FlareLane provides advanced push notification infrastructure you can integrate with just one line of code, saving you time and money on setup.

As a FlareLane user, you'll have access to powerful analytics. Track key metrics like conversion and click-through rates in real time, allowing you to optimize your campaigns and visualize your growth easily.

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