5 Ways to Use Mobile Push Notifications for Growth Hacking

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“A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth.” -Sean Ellis-

When Sean Ellis first coined the term 'growth hacking' in 2010, it quickly gained popularity for two reasons: One, because it was catchy and geeky, and two, because it redefined the metric for business growth for marketers at that time. The inspiring concept remains relevant and practical even after 14 years, especially when applied to push notifications.

Push notifications, with their direct and real-time communication capabilities, have become a powerful tool in the growth hacker's arsenal in the 21st century. With an ever-growing demand for hyper-personalized content and services, mobile and web push notifications are now widely embraced ways to accelerate user acquisition in growth hacking. This article will explore five effective ways to leverage push notifications for growth hacking and propel your business to new heights.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is a fundamental aspect of growth hacking. Traditional marketing channels often come with hefty price tags, which can be burdensome for startups in the early stage, making it crucial for them to find economical alternatives. 

Luckily, push notifications offer a solution by providing a cost-effective way to engage users directly. They boast superior click-through rates and conversion rates compared to SMS or email marketing, and some services even allow you to send unlimited notifications at no extra charge anywhere, anytime. 

2. Aim Small, Miss Small

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The growth hacking philosophy of micro-targeting emphasizes the importance of a precise, highly targeted approach for maximum impact. There’s no such thing as a comprehensive approach that satisfies everyone, and crafting personalized messages that speak directly to the characteristics and interests of each segmented group is essential.

 Push notifications allow for micro-targeting, tailoring messages to specific user segments for a more impactful interaction. Segment your user base based on their behavior, preferences, and demographics. Micro-targeting through push notifications ensures that your messages are highly relevant, increasing the chances of user engagement and conversion.

3. Real-time Statistical Analysis

Data-driven decision-making is the backbone of growth hacking. Real-time statistical analysis empowers growth hackers to adapt their strategies based on immediate insights, provided you choose the right tool.

In 2024, excellent push notification services in the market provide analytics tools that offer a real-time window into user behavior. With these tools, you can monitor metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions in real-time to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The only question that remains is choosing the service that best aligns with your business priorities and provides a user-friendly experience.

4. A/B Testing for Iterative Optimization

A/B testing is a cornerstone of growth hacking, allowing for iterative optimization of strategies based on logical hypotheses. However, according to the Harvard Business Review, most businesses don’t conduct a sufficient number of A/B tests and often experiment with too many variables simultaneously in one go.

Push notifications excel at optimizing your A/B testing experience. They enable growth hackers to conduct tests seamlessly and effortlessly, facilitating more effective refinement of messaging. You can also control different variables such as timing, content, CTA, and design, and send variations to different user groups.

But remember – the A/B test must be based on a solid hypothesis with logical explanations. Think of the push notification as an effective, handy tool to aid you in experimenting with your hypothesis to a greater extent

5. Get Customer Feedback at the Right Time

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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for every detail-oriented growth hacker, and they are willing to go to great lengths to collect valuable feedback from existing customers.

When it comes to gathering feedback, Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys have demonstrated significant effectiveness in ensuring customer retention for both B2B and B2C growth hacking. While surveys can be distributed through various methods, strategically timed push notifications in the user journey can offer more actionable insights that guide growth strategies.

Start collecting customer feedback with push notifications and identify pivotal touchpoints in the user journey where feedback matters the most. This way, you can gather quality data that adequately captures user sentiment.

Final Thoughts

For a growth hacker, everything boils down to one thing: growth. They live and breathe experimentation, constantly pushing the boundaries of growth. For an incredibly multitasking, busy professional like a growth hacker, push notifications are a true godsend. Choosing the right service provider can empower you to save costs, micro-target effectively, conduct real-time statistical analysis, perform A/B testing, and gather user feedback effortlessly.

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